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What makes a buyer fall in love?

What makes a buyer fall in love?

With Valentine’s Day now behind us, I started thinking about what truly moves people in real estate and what it is about a particular house that makes someone fall in love with it.

Some Buyers are kitchen people, some are outdoor people, some are theater people but are there things that are consistent across the board that make people fall in love with a home?

This article from has some ideas in it about what truly makes a Buyer fall in LOVE. It is a great read.

The Buyers Agents here at The Joe Reed Team are not “ordinary agents” who send you properties from the MLS and wait for you to tell them if you like one. They are up early checking to see what has been listed over night, they are checking throughout the day for the perfect one to pop up and get you in before any other Buyers get a chance to see it. They are talking and networking with other agents about properties that are about to hit the market or that have recently expired and are no longer available to the public thru the internet or websites. They are previewing properties for you so that they don’t waste your precious time with properties that won’t work. Simply put, they just worked harder and smarter than most agents to ultimately get you thru the front door of the house that you are going to fall in love with.

Call us today at 970-270-7505 or visit our website to get to know Adam, Chad or Cody and have them help you find the perfect home to fall in love with. 

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If You Are Thinking Of Selling, Now Is The Time!

If You Are Thinking of Selling, Now Is The Time!

Jonathan Smoke, the Chief Economist of, in a recent article revealed that:

“Would-be buyers face a dilemma: There will be more homes on the market over each week of the next three to four months, but there will also be even more prospective buyers. We are entering the busiest season of home buying with the lowest amount of inventory in three years. To be competitive, buyers should get pre-approved for a mortgage and be ready to act quickly if they find a home that meets their needs.”

spring is the time to sell

If you thought about selling your house this year, now may be the time to do it. The inventory of

homes for sale is well below historic norms and buyer demand is skyrocketing. We were still in

high school when we learned the concept of supply and demand: the best time to sell something

is when supply of that item is low and demand for that item is high. That defines today’s real

estate market.

Smoke goes on to say:

“Listings are growing as they normally do this time of the year, but because demand has been growing faster than supply, homes are selling faster. So the monthly trend is the normal seasonal pattern, but the year-over-year decline is reflective of demand being stronger than supply for more than a year, which is resulting in fewer homes available and faster-moving inventory.”

In this type of market, a seller may hold a major negotiating advantage when it comes to price

and other aspects of the real estate transaction including the inspection, appraisal and financing


Bottom Line

As a potential seller, you are in the driver’s seat right now. It might be time to hit the gas.

Blog by: The KCM Crew

For information on how to sell your house FAST and for MORE contact The Joe Reed Team now.

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Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air

Change is definitely in the air early this year in Colorado. Being born and raised in Colorado, I have learned that our beautiful state and this industry can throw just about anything at us. The changes in Autumn make it my favorite season. Maybe that is one of the reasons I love Colorado and in particular, the Grand Valley.

I have always believed that while sometimes tough, change is good. One of my favorite quotes about change is, “Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender who you are for what you could become”. With that being said, we at The Joe Reed Team have had some changes that I would like to share with you. As you know we have always tried to provide the best support team to our agents and to you, our clients.

Kristie Clark has played a vital role in that but now has taken on a new role with our team. She is now the Buyer’s Coordinator for the team. We are very excited for her to bring her knowledge and spirit to another division of The Joe Reed Team.

I would also like to introduce Nicolle Lewis, our new Listing Coordinator. She is a tremendous asset to our team and we couldn’t be happier with where things sit for us as we move into the 4th Quarter.

I want to thank you for taking a moment to read our blog and we look forward to helping you, your friends and your family with all of their real estate needs.

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How Much Home Is Enough for You?

How much home is enough for you? When you are starting to look at all of the various properties available for purchase in the Grand Junction, CO region, one of the things that you will want to understand is just how much home you really need in terms of space. The answer will vary based on your family size, and your anticipated family growth, naturally. However, it will also depend on what you want to do from your home. Are you building a business from your home and do you need a space for your office? Do you want to have an exercise room, a den, or a library?

The more you want your home to be able to accomplish in terms of amenities and features the larger space you will need. When you are buying, look at your current needs, as well as your future needs. Try to look at least five years out to anticipate just how much square footage you feel you will need at that time. This will give you a better idea of what you might want to buy right now.

Of course, the amount of space you need would match up with the amount of money you have available to spend in the perfect world. When you are choosing a size for your home, consider the money you have to purchase the property to determine how much space you can actually afford. Keep in mind that you can look for property all around the Grand Junction area to find some properties that are a bit cheaper even though they might not be in the initial neighborhood you wanted.

Never rush into your decision to buy a piece of property, even if you think it is perfect. You need to take the time to research the location, the usable space, and the cost to make sure it will really work for you.


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Great Tips for Homebuyers


If you are thinking about buying a home anytime soon, then the following tips can help to make sure you are doing things the right way.

First, make sure you have preapproval for getting a mortgage before you actually make an offer on the property. The reason for this is simple. You do not want to make an offer higher than you are able to afford. You need to know exactly how much you will be able to get. When you have a preapproval letter from your lender, it shows the seller that you are serious about your offer and that you really do want to buy.

Second, avoid bidding wars. While this might be a dream for the person selling the home, bidding against other people and driving up the price can be a strain on your wallet. If the price for a home keeps escalating because of other potential buyers, it might be time to step back. You don’t need the property so much that you overspend and end up causing more financial problems down the line. Find another property instead.

Third, when you are buying, always make sure you have enough money to cover the closing costs. In some cases, you might be able to get the seller to cover the costs, but that’s not always possible. Have money set aside for closing and other expenses that can crop up during the buying process.

Finally, make sure you get a home inspection. Without an inspection, you have no idea what’s actually happening with the property “beneath the surface”. Even though things might look great, you really do need to make sure you have someone there who can look at the wiring, the plumbing and the other systems to make sure everything is in good working order before you buy.


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Do Not Make These Home Inspection Mistakes

Most people realize that they need to have a property inspector come out to the home they are considering buying, but they don’t always realize there is a bit more to the process than simply choosing the first inspector they find. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common mistakes and problems that people have when it comes to the inspections.

Sometimes, buyers who are building a new construction home don’t feel as though they need an inspection. This could be a huge mistake though. Even though the home might seem as though it is up to code and has passed inspections by the county or city, you need to have an inspection that you pay for just so you can be sure everything is up to par with the home. Never assume that things are right just because they are new.

Some homebuyers do not even go along on the inspection of the property because they know they will receive a written report. Even though they might get a report, they really do need to go on the inspection so the inspector can actually point out the problems and explain them more clearly.

Buyers must always follow up on the findings and recommendations from the inspectors before they close on the property. They need to make sure that the sellers know about and correct the issues, or come to an agreement where they lower the price of the property, for example. If the seller decides to fix the issues, the buyer should have the same inspector return to the property after the repairs are complete to make sure they actually fix the issue and are not merely providing a cosmetic fix.

Finally, some buyers feel that they don’t really need to have an inspection after all. They trust the seller. Even if the seller is trustworthy though, you need to have a professional opinion on the condition of the house.