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Do Not Make These Home Inspection Mistakes

Most people realize that they need to have a property inspector come out to the home they are considering buying, but they don’t always realize there is a bit more to the process than simply choosing the first inspector they find. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common mistakes and problems that people have when it comes to the inspections.

Sometimes, buyers who are building a new construction home don’t feel as though they need an inspection. This could be a huge mistake though. Even though the home might seem as though it is up to code and has passed inspections by the county or city, you need to have an inspection that you pay for just so you can be sure everything is up to par with the home. Never assume that things are right just because they are new.

Some homebuyers do not even go along on the inspection of the property because they know they will receive a written report. Even though they might get a report, they really do need to go on the inspection so the inspector can actually point out the problems and explain them more clearly.

Buyers must always follow up on the findings and recommendations from the inspectors before they close on the property. They need to make sure that the sellers know about and correct the issues, or come to an agreement where they lower the price of the property, for example. If the seller decides to fix the issues, the buyer should have the same inspector return to the property after the repairs are complete to make sure they actually fix the issue and are not merely providing a cosmetic fix.

Finally, some buyers feel that they don’t really need to have an inspection after all. They trust the seller. Even if the seller is trustworthy though, you need to have a professional opinion on the condition of the house.


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