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Winter- What to Keep Up On Inside Your Home


Winter- whether you love it or hate it- you probably find yourself spending more time than usual inside your home.  And unlike the other three seasons, there aren’t many outdoor home projects requiring your attention.  But before you settle in for a long winter’s nap, keep in mind there are plenty of useful indoor chores you can tackle this chilly time of year. 

You may have stumbled upon piles or boxes as you put your Christmas decorations away- this is a dreaded, but necessary task to take on- and whether you follow the trendy Marie Kondo method or have your own approach- decluttering your surroundings is a proven stress reliever. 

Being inside raises concern for preventable health hazards to be aware of for your family’s home safety, so replacing batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, changing out air filters and considering radon testing are essential steps to ensure your extra time indoors is safe. 

Lastly, simple ways to improve your space and give it an inexpensive face lift include adding a fresh coat of paint, washing or replacing window coverings or choosing a different accent color in some new decorative pillows.
No matter your feelings toward winter, it is a fantastic time to slow down and focus on the inside of your home.   


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