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Things that will delay your closing

DELAYED (font just the way you are one wants their closing to be delayed. You have shopped, you have been to the lender, you have done your inspection, you have had your appraisal, you have rearranged furniture in your head over and over again and you have had the battle of paint choices, but…..there are a couple of things that will delay your closing if you aren’t careful.




1)      Don’t charge ANYTHING! Don’t buy anything on credit. Don’t get a new credit card. Don’t change your debit load at all without checking with your lender first.
2)      Don’t quit your job or change your work hours.
3)      Make sure your ID is valid and not expired.
4)      Make sure you are honest with your Realtor and your lender. Trust me, we find everything out in the end anyways, so it is better to be honest in the beginning.


With all of that being said, buying a home can be the easiest process if you trust the professionals you are working with. I tell my clients all the time, “your only jobs are to meet with the lender and get what he/she needs and point at the house you want. I will make everything else happen”

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