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3 Deal-Breakers to Look For When Inspecting a House

If you’re planning on buying your very own piece of real estate in Grand Junction, the single most important thing you can do after going under contract is to get a home inspection. Without a doubt, hiring a home inspector to go through every nook and cranny of your potential home-to-be is one of the best uses of your hard-earned money.


A good home inspector will go through a house with a fine-toothed comb to uncover both the positives and negatives. It should take them at least 2-3 hours and can cost upwards of $600, but a home inspection can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by making known all the problems, how much they’ll cost to fix (should you decide to buy), and the severity.


In some cases, however, a home inspection isn’t even needed. If you know to look for these 3 deal-breakers when inspecting a house on your initial walk-through, you can save yourself a lot of money and time by walking away then and there:


1) Doors and windows don’t open and shut properly. This is a big one because this could signal foundation problems. Fixing a foundation can cost anywhere from $5000-7000 and sometimes even more, depending on the severity.


2) The roof has hail damage or needs replaced. New roofs come in around $3700-7500 and oftentimes your insurance company won’t cover a roof that is over a certain age. If the roof looks worn and leaky, make sure you ask for it to be replaced by the current owner or expect to cough up the money yourself.


3) Asbestos. Yes, it still exists in the walls, floor tiles, and around furnace ducts in older homes and can be a real nightmare to mitigate. It’s totally stable and non-hazardous as long as it isn’t disturbed, but what if you want to open up a wall that has asbestos in the plaster? You’ll have to bring in a company that specializes in hazardous materials removal and charges a premium to do it.

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