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How to Prep Your Home for Sale

You can’t just throw your house on the market and expect it to sell. There are several things you’ll need to do in order to prepare the property for the market, whether you intend to stay in the home while it sells or you’re about to move out and into a new house.

Curb Appeal

You need to look beyond the inside of your home. If it’s not appealing from the curb, there’s little incentive to see what the rest of the house looks like. Is your paint faded? Is your walkway cracked and broken? Is your fence falling apart? Make your home more appealing from the street first.

Your Front Door

While your landscape and the home’s exterior will make the first impression on your potential buyers, your front door also says a lot about the property. If you can’t afford to replace an aging front door with something nicer, consider repainting or staining the one you have.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Whether your home is occupied or empty, it’s important that it be clean when potential buyers come inside. Clean your windows, mop the floors, and remove those pesky stains from the kids. The cleaner your home is, the more appealing it will be.

Eliminate Eyesores

Sure, that vibrant peach and red bedroom is lovely, but chances are good that your buyers aren’t going to be too thrilled with it. Consider repainting any eyesores in the house, even if they’re things you personally love about the place.


Consider depersonalizing as much of your home as possible. Take down personal photos. Pack up your grandmother’s quilt. Eliminating personal items helps your buyers envision themselves in your home.

Follow these simple tips to help make your home sell faster once it goes on the market.


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Do You Really Need a Realtor?

There are times that working with a realtor makes perfect sense. For instance, if you’re selling your current home and buying a new one, working with a realtor is a “no-brainer”. However, what if you’re looking to buy without selling a home? Do you really need to work with a realtor? The answer is yes, but you should understand why that’s the case.

Dealing with the Seller’s Agent

You can bet that the person selling the home has an agent of their own. This is the person you’ll be dealing with during the purchase of the property. If you don’t have your own realtor, you’ll be representing yourself here. Never forget that the seller’s agent is working to get the best deal possible for the seller – they’re not interested in helping you out. In fact, it would be against their code of ethics, and would violate their agreement with the seller.

Vital Help

You’ll find that in addition to representing you in negotiations for the property, a realtor can offer many other types of help. For instance, he or she can provide comparable sales from the tax rolls, or data from the MLS. They can give you copies of the home’s historical documents, and run reports on sales-price ratios. They can suggest pricing strategies, help you review documents for loopholes, and more. Most importantly, they form a buffer between the seller and the seller’s agent, and you.


If you’re going it alone, there’s no guarantee that the seller or builder’s appraisal is even close to the mark. Working with your own real estate agent ensures that you know exactly what the appraisal is and how that will affect resale of the home years down the road.

Working with a realtor when buying a home is essential, but make sure you choose the right one.



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Things that will delay your closing

DELAYED (font just the way you are one wants their closing to be delayed. You have shopped, you have been to the lender, you have done your inspection, you have had your appraisal, you have rearranged furniture in your head over and over again and you have had the battle of paint choices, but…..there are a couple of things that will delay your closing if you aren’t careful.




1)      Don’t charge ANYTHING! Don’t buy anything on credit. Don’t get a new credit card. Don’t change your debit load at all without checking with your lender first.
2)      Don’t quit your job or change your work hours.
3)      Make sure your ID is valid and not expired.
4)      Make sure you are honest with your Realtor and your lender. Trust me, we find everything out in the end anyways, so it is better to be honest in the beginning.


With all of that being said, buying a home can be the easiest process if you trust the professionals you are working with. I tell my clients all the time, “your only jobs are to meet with the lender and get what he/she needs and point at the house you want. I will make everything else happen”
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Buying Investment Properties

Those who are on the search for great investments should consider buying some real estate in Grand Junction, CO. Investment properties have the potential to provide buyers with a great return, especially when they choose a great city such as Grand Junction. It’s a popular location to live, as well as for vacationers. Buying a home that you can rent to long-term tenants, or that you can rent to vacationers could be the perfect investment opportunity. However, you will want to have a few tips in mind before you start buying up every property that you see.

First, make sure that you are buying at the right price. The real estate market fluctuates, and the value of property will change. As with any type of investment, you want to buy when the price is as low as possible. When it comes to selling an investment property though, you have to weigh your decisions just as carefully. Even when it is a seller’s market, you may still find that you are making more by keeping the property as an investment.

Second, before you buy, you need to be sure you are buying in the right neighborhood. Even if the prices are low, always investigate the area before buying. You should invest in a home within a good community, which will increase the likelihood of people actually wanting to rent the property, and of being able to charge a fair rent so that you can make money. If you have a home in a bad neighborhood, finding good tenants is hard, and getting tenants to pay a fair amount of rent is even more difficult.

Finally, make sure the quality of the property is up to par as well. Even though you and your family might not be living in the property, you still need to make sure it passes a home inspection and that it features high quality, safe construction.


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How Much Home Is Enough for You?

How much home is enough for you? When you are starting to look at all of the various properties available for purchase in the Grand Junction, CO region, one of the things that you will want to understand is just how much home you really need in terms of space. The answer will vary based on your family size, and your anticipated family growth, naturally. However, it will also depend on what you want to do from your home. Are you building a business from your home and do you need a space for your office? Do you want to have an exercise room, a den, or a library?

The more you want your home to be able to accomplish in terms of amenities and features the larger space you will need. When you are buying, look at your current needs, as well as your future needs. Try to look at least five years out to anticipate just how much square footage you feel you will need at that time. This will give you a better idea of what you might want to buy right now.

Of course, the amount of space you need would match up with the amount of money you have available to spend in the perfect world. When you are choosing a size for your home, consider the money you have to purchase the property to determine how much space you can actually afford. Keep in mind that you can look for property all around the Grand Junction area to find some properties that are a bit cheaper even though they might not be in the initial neighborhood you wanted.

Never rush into your decision to buy a piece of property, even if you think it is perfect. You need to take the time to research the location, the usable space, and the cost to make sure it will really work for you.


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Why Is an Open House a Good Idea?

Open House Joe ReedOne of the best ways to sell your property, other than having a great home, is to hold an open house. You love the place, and you want others to love it just as much as you do. Instead of only doing single showings of the home, why not hold an open house so more people will be able to walk through your home. It can get more eyes on your property, and it has the potential to generate quite a bit of interest. You never know; you might even find a couple of buyers who are interested and who will bid against one another and drive up the home price.

Holding an open house is not always easy though, and you should certainly make sure you are using the help of a realtor. First, you have to make sure that you are advertising the open house in the right places. The agent can help you hear. Make sure you are putting the information out on your social networks, and ask people to share. The agent will do the same on his or her networks. You should also list it on sites such as Craigslist. Put up signs, advertise in the paper and put up a sign in your yard that mentions the date and the time of the open house.

Make sure the home is clean and clutter free and it smells great. You might not realize it, but if you are a smoker or have pets, then your home has a smell that others will certainly notice. Neutralize those scents and make sure that you have some baking cookies, candles, or other relaxing scents that will help to improve the visitor’s impression of the property.

With the right planning, your open house will be a success, making it easier to sell your Grand Junction, CO home.


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Look at the Potential of the Homes for Sale in Grand Junction, Colorado

When some buyers are searching through the various options with Grand Junction real estate, they may be overlooking some homes simply because they do not currently have the “look” they want. This is especially the case with first time homebuyers. They focus on the first impression that a house makes. What they need to do is to look beyond the current look of the home and try to see the potential that lies beyond.

For example, the paint in a home is one of the easiest things to remedy. Even if the current owner thought that puce and bright orange was a great choice in color schemes, those colors are not permanent. With a paintjob, the entire look of the property can change quickly and without spending too much money. Many buyers may even want to paint on their own rather than hiring a painting contractor.

Just as with the paint colors, it is possible to change many other of those aesthetic features without spending too much money or time. Reworking the landscaping, the cabinet faces and hardware and even adding new flooring is possible. They are DIY projects that you can tackle on your own.

When you have a list of things that you might want to change, it may be possible to have your real estate agent use that to help you get a slightly better deal on the home. If you determine that making the changes to the home would cost $5,000, you could try to get a reduction in price to help pay for that.

As important as first impressions are, you do not want to let those impressions dissuade you from buying a great piece of Grand Junction real estate. Look beyond what you currently see and look to what you can make the property become with some attention.


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Financial Benefits of Home Ownership

Owning a home is a big financial investment, but it has the potential to provide the buyer with some substantial rewards as well. Let’s look at some of the ways that owning a home can provide you with some great benefits from a financial perspective.

When you buy a home in Grand Junction, it has quite a bit of potential to go up in value over time. Of course, this is dependent on the home you choose, and making sure that you can actually afford the property. Each month, you are building equity in your home. Every payment you make increases the equity you have in the place. Over time, the value of the property can increase.

In addition, you could always choose to use it as an investment property if you would like. This can help you pay off your mortgage and even bring in some extra income each month.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits is the tax deductions that you can get when you own a home. You are able to deduct interest payments from your taxes, which can actually help you to save a substantial amount on your home, particularly in the early years. With the money you save on your taxes, you could actually make extra payments on your home to pay it off a bit earlier.

In addition, when you own a home for more than five years, you will find that it is cheaper than renting. You aren’t simply throwing your money away either. You have an investment that will last your lifetime if you choose.

Thanks to these financial benefits, and the great properties in the area, there has never been a better time to start looking for a great property in the Grand Junction area. Start your search today.


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Tips for Selling a Condo in Grand Junction

If you are getting ready to move out of your condo so you can buy a single family home, you have to make sure that you sell your place and get a good price for it. However, selling a condo can be a bit different from selling a traditional property, so make sure that you are doing it right. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important things that you need to know and do.


You need to make sure that you price the unit in line with other similar units in the area. If you price too high, then people will not even look at the property. If you price too low, you will be losing money. Create an ad for your condo, and make sure that you take some video and photos of the place. Always make sure that the images and video you post are high quality so that it really shows off what your place has to offer.


Make sure that you know the rules for selling according to the condo board. For example, you may have certain rules imposed on when you can sell and to whom you can sell. In some cases, you may need preapproval before selling. That’s not the case with all associations, but you do need to make sure you know the rules. Your best option here is to hire a professional realtor who knows how to sell condos. They can help you find the best price, and make sure that your property ends up in front of the right buyers.


Many people who are looking to buy property in Grand Junction, CO are looking for condos. As long as you are pricing it right and work with a real estate agent, you shouldn’t have too much trouble selling.