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Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent

All the real estate agents are having their own different qualities, however, there are several common traits that are being considered as a positive for anyone headed into the property market. These qualities will be able to help you in buying or selling you home a lot more quickly while you can also ensure that you will get the best deal possible based on the market at the point in time that you are making the transaction. Thus, if you are finding to head into the property market, you can try finding a real estate agent that is embodying the following qualities:


As unlucky as it may be, the real estate industry are having something of a reputation to host people who are selling snake oil to their customers instead of looking out for their best interests. By no means, this describes each agent in the industry, but there are some bad apple who are making it a lot harder to develop that all significant trust than it should really be.

As such, you need to hire a real estate agent who will always be honest with you about your property, and many different facet going into the transaction. Even the best real estate agent are not having all the answers and it will be much more encouraging if you would hear that they do not know but they will try to find out, as opposed to a marketing speak slew being designed to take your focus off the topic.

Hard working

A work ethic will go a long way in the business of the real estate so you would want to be sure that your real estate agent will do everything they can with the goals you have in mind. They must be willing to be carrying out any research that is needed to be done, making full use of the their contacts as well as the marketing facilities at their disposal in getting your property out there or finding you something that you would want to buy.

A good real estate agent will be providing you with regular updates in relation to your potential transaction making the effort in order to keep you at the forefronts of their minds. They will as well be present for viewing, leaving as a little of work as possible at your hands. If your real estate agents would insist you to handle viewings on your own and will be doing all the legwork, it might be the time to find a new one.

Engaging personality

At the end of the day, a real estate agent will have to be able to express themselves, drawing your interest. If they are not able to do that for you, what would be the chances that they can be able to do it for anyone else? Your real estate agent should be personable, friendly and engaging, without a need to come across as dishonest or false. Some may need to develop this through time, whereas there are others who naturally simply charming. However, in order to find success in the real estate industry, they need to be able to talk about the things’ business side without having to lose the interest of the client and ensure that they understand everything that have been said.

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3 Deal-Breakers to Look For When Inspecting a House

If you’re planning on buying your very own piece of real estate in Grand Junction, the single most important thing you can do after going under contract is to get a home inspection. Without a doubt, hiring a home inspector to go through every nook and cranny of your potential home-to-be is one of the best uses of your hard-earned money.


A good home inspector will go through a house with a fine-toothed comb to uncover both the positives and negatives. It should take them at least 2-3 hours and can cost upwards of $600, but a home inspection can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by making known all the problems, how much they’ll cost to fix (should you decide to buy), and the severity.


In some cases, however, a home inspection isn’t even needed. If you know to look for these 3 deal-breakers when inspecting a house on your initial walk-through, you can save yourself a lot of money and time by walking away then and there:


1) Doors and windows don’t open and shut properly. This is a big one because this could signal foundation problems. Fixing a foundation can cost anywhere from $5000-7000 and sometimes even more, depending on the severity.


2) The roof has hail damage or needs replaced. New roofs come in around $3700-7500 and oftentimes your insurance company won’t cover a roof that is over a certain age. If the roof looks worn and leaky, make sure you ask for it to be replaced by the current owner or expect to cough up the money yourself.


3) Asbestos. Yes, it still exists in the walls, floor tiles, and around furnace ducts in older homes and can be a real nightmare to mitigate. It’s totally stable and non-hazardous as long as it isn’t disturbed, but what if you want to open up a wall that has asbestos in the plaster? You’ll have to bring in a company that specializes in hazardous materials removal and charges a premium to do it.

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When to Hire a Pro vs. Doing it Yourself

Much like choosing a good real estate broker or home inspector, the decision to hire help when fixing up a house can save you a lot of time and frustration then by doing the work yourself. Some people are very hands-on and prefer to fix things themselves, while most are either too inexperienced or too overwhelmed to attempt DIY-jobs.


If you’re facing an upcoming item on the old “honey-do” list but aren’t sure whether you want to tackle it yourself or hire a professional, there are a few questions you should be asking yourself.


First of all, what is the scope of the project? Is it something as simple as painting a room or a more daunting task like replacing a water heater? If it’s something easy that doesn’t require a whole lot of technical know-how, you could probably do it yourself, save some money, and learn a new skill.


Are you comfortable enough to do it yourself? How familiar are you with the problem/solution? A great way to figure out if you’ll be comfortable on your own is to search the internet for YouTube videos, technical writings, and how-to guides for the specific issue you’re facing. Once you’ve seen what it takes to do it yourself, you’ll have a much better idea about whether you want to hit it head-on or hire a pro.


What are the cost savings if you do it yourself? Don’t overlook any tools or materials you’ll have to purchase to get the job done, as well as time. Time is the most valuable commodity because it’s something you don’t get back, so if it’s worth it to you to spend a few more bucks to have someone else do it, use the time you’ll save on something a lot more fun.

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What is an HOA and Where is My Money Actually Going?

When you purchase a property in Grand Junction that is governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) you are paying a mandatory fee monthly, quarterly, or annually. Depending on how upscale (i.e. expensive) the properties in the community are, fees can range anywhere from $100-400/month.


HOA fees typically get funneled into maintaining communal areas like parks, greenbelts, pools, landscaping, and sidewalks. One of the major positives to living in an HOA-controlled community is that homeowners’ property values and quality of life are protected.


However, there are certainly negatives to living in an HOA community. For instance, if you consider yourself a big fan of the color pink and decide you want to paint your house that color, you have to ask permission from the HOA before you paint and if pink isn’t an approved color, tough luck. Many residents dislike HOAs because they feel that they are being patrolled and harassed constantly about maintaining their yards and home exteriors.


In addition to funding communal projects and upkeep, HOA’s also have a set of rules, or covenants, that residents must abide. These rules can include what colors you are allowed to paint your front door, house exterior, what types of basketball hoops you are allowed to display, what kind of trees you can plant, and the list goes on. If you consider yourself a lone ranger type that doesn’t like to be told what to do, perhaps an HOA community is not for you.


Before purchasing a home in this type of community, make sure you know the HOA’s rules and that they home(s) you want to purchase are not already breaking any of those rules. Consider how you will feel when the HOA tells you to tear down that beautiful new shed you built because it isn’t allowed per the covenant. Asking questions now will save you from potential headaches in the future.

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5 Things Your Realtor Won’t Tell You, But I Will

Whenever I go to a listing appointment, I always ask the question, “Why am I here?” I feel like it sets the tone and it makes the seller(s) more comfortable. I think most people have this preconceived idea that I am going to come into their house and tell them it is a dump and they have to put a free sign on the corner for it.

I am a black and white kind of guy. Let’s be honest. There are no secrets in real estate any longer. Everything, and I do mean everything, is public knowledge. If people actually don’t know, they will just make something up. So I am going to share with you the top 5 things I will tell you that the “other” agents won’t.


1) You have to clean up.

Look, I don’t care how you live when your house is not on the market. No judgements from me. However, if you want your house to sell and not just be “on the market,” you have to do what I say, and the first thing is – make it look like it could appear in a magazine. Paint, clean, and I do mean C L E A N, de clutter, pack everything that isn’t used on a day to day basis, stage, and most importantly — fix anything that is wrong with the house.

2) You have to be priced right.

There is nothing wrong with being a tad over the market if you are in a high demand market; but if not, you need to be priced right. If the buyers have a good agent, they will know what your house is worth before they even step foot inside it. Remember, all sales are public knowledge. And if that isn’t enough, our good friends over at Zillow think you should be giving it away, so be smart and price with the market. It will save you frustration in the end!

3) You have to be ready for showings.

Look, I get it, having your house on the market is right up there with having dental work done. It is awful. The one day that you don’t make your bed is when someone wants to come see it; and having kids, just amplifies the horror of having your house on the market, but if you are serious about selling, you have to be ready for anything, anytime, and from anyone.

4) Don’t take offense!

Buyers can be brutal; but most of the time, they are just saying how they feel your house stacks up to the other houses they have seen, which leads me back to points 1 and 2.

5) Be honest

Be honest with yourself, be honest with me, and be honest with buyers. You can’t hide anything they or I won’t find out about. Trust me! There are a bunch of Sherlock Holmes walking in and out of your house, and people sue for dumb things, so disclose disclose, disclose!


I hope all of this doesn’t scare you away from selling because they are very simple rules; but if you follow them and hire us at The Joe Reed Team, we can help you navigate the waters of the real estate market and better yet, we have partners in place to help you do all of these things! As always, leave a comment, call, text, email, or find us on social media.

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What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

With St. Patrick’s Day this month, I got to thinking about “luck” and what it means in real estate. Does luck have a place in real estate?
For decades, probably even before the turn of the century, real estate has always been jokingly about location, location, location but is there more to it than that? Is it luck? Did you just happen to find your dream home? Did your house just happen to go under contract in one day with multiple offers? I say no. I believe, and even practice, that real estate is a calculated game of insight, wit, and intelligence.

imagesThat is not to say that the brand new agent who is selling the overpriced listing down the street doesn’t get “lucky” once in a while but for the most part, luck has no place in real estate. The time honored practices in real estate have never been more important. Technology is great, and I utilize all the new stuff as it comes out, but it does not take the place of putting the work into the job. We can’t just rely on throwing a sign in the yard and hoping to get “lucky”. That is an amateur’s mistake.

Why would you hire an agent that relies on luck? Most of the time, the commission on the sale of a house is a substantial amount of money, and true professional Realtors earn every penny; but it never ceases to amaze me the Buyers and Sellers who don’t educate themselves and just hire agents that rely on “luck” rather than those who have insight, wit and intelligence.

So, what does all this mean to you? Well, you are lucky you are reading this blog because we at The Joe Reed Team do not rely on luck. We rely on technology, wit, intelligence, and time honored practices to make sure that your real estate transaction is the best possible experience for you.
Call us today 970-270-7505 or email us at

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Mistakes Sellers Make

Mistakes Sellers Make

One of the most important things that happens when you hire The Joe Reed Team is the consultation at your home. Sure; everyone is worried about the dreaded and feared P R I C E when a Realtor comes over, but price is just one of the many things that add into an equation to net you the most money in the shortest amount of time. 

The consultation with us is one of our trade secrets but I did want to share with you all today about one of the mistakes that Sellers tend to make. 

I call it the “Less is More Rule”. Sellers tend to want to fill their home to stage it and put out as many things as they can to show how big it is. Totally opposite of what we want to do. We want to create what we like to call “white space” empty space. Space for the Buyers to envision their belongings in the house. We want to pack up any collections, collectables, family heirlooms, family portraits, and clutter. We are striving to stage the house with only the basics and to make the house look like it is straight out of a magazine. Basic furniture, a couple of well appointed decorating pieces and that is about it. Things like new throw pillows, that have a splash of color, new bedspreads on the beds, and a most importantly a new colorful door mat are all little things that help your home stand out above the rest. Whether you are a busy professional or someone who just doesn’t have an eye for these types of things, when you hire The Joe Reed Team, you can take advantage of the free services of our cleaning crews and staging crews.

Call us today at 970-270-7505 when thinking about Selling your home. Who you list with does matter, and we would love the opportunity to show you how we can get you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

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Benefits of Buying a Pre-Existing Home

When you are trying to find a place to buy in Grand Junction, you might be wondering whether you should buy preexisting resale homes or whether you should buy land and build your own home. Both have their merits, but for many people buying a resale home is simply the easier option. In fact, buying a preexisting home has a number of benefits.

First, you will have a number of choices, since there is a great availability of resale homes. Additionally, if you are looking to move soon, it’s far faster to get into one of these properties than it is to build from the ground up.

Second, when you are buying a preexisting property, you have more room for negotiation. Sellers want to sell, so they may be willing to take slightly less for the property. When you are working with contractors, you really do not have as much room for negotiation.

Third, you can look up records of the house, and you will be aware of any issues when you buy the property.

Of course, even though resale homes have a number of benefits, you do have to realize that they have some drawbacks as well. Because they are older, they will generally require more maintenance. They are not always quite as energy efficient either, although this depends on the previous owners and the upgrades made to the home.

No matter what you decide to buy, always make sure you have your home in Grand Junction inspected by a professional before you make an offer. Get the facts about the home and then decide whether it will actually be worth it for you to buy or not. Talk with realtors in the area about your different options with the houses on the market and see if you can find a resale home that has all the features you want.


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Is Grand Junction the Right City for You?

You love the idea of living on Colorado’s Western Slope, but you have no idea of where you should live. A number of great towns and cities are clamoring for your attention, but one might be garnering a bit more of your attention. Grand Junction is easily one of the most popular towns in the area. It is in the heart of wine country, and offers residents an ideal location from which they can branch out and explore so much that the state has to offer. Let’s look at some of the things that make the city a great place to move.


The splendor of Grand Junction is undeniable. The forests, lakes, and mountains in the area are unparalleled when it comes to sheer stunning beauty. The proximity to the wilderness areas is great for residents who love the outdoors and who enjoy activities such as fishing, hiking, hunting, and mountain biking.


The actual city is just as interesting and has just as much to offer. It manages to hold onto a small town atmosphere, even though it is home to nearly 60,000 people. You can find places to shop and dine when you have the time. You will find places to work, parks, and more that help to make it the ideal place to live.


The crime rate is low, the schools are good, and the neighbors are friendly and welcoming. While Grand Junction might not be the right fit for everyone, it certainly is a great place for most to consider. Take the time to look at some of the available properties in the area, and then talk with a real estate agent about seeing some of those homes in person. Once you visit the city and see what it offers, chances are you will never want to leave.



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Are You Ready for a House?

If you’ve been renting for years, you are probably sick and tired of seeing your rent money going toward nothing substantial. You no longer want to see your money swirl down the drain, so you are thinking about buying your own home somewhere on the Western Slope. However, some people simply aren’t quite ready to get a new home right now. You do not want to try to buy a home only to find out that you simply can’t afford it. Let’s look at some signs to see if you are on the cusp of getting into a property you can call your own.


First, it’s all about the finances. You have to be ready to buy a home financially, and that means more than just having a down payment. It is important to have a good job that’s reliable and that pays enough to cover the mortgage and all of your other expenses. Keep in mind that owning a home means you will need to have extra money for taking care of emergencies. If there is a plumbing problem, for example, you have to be the one to take care of it rather than simply calling management or the landlord.


Second, a home takes more upkeep than an apartment. You have to make sure that you keep the lawn under control. You need to paint the house every few years as well. Do you have the time to take care of these things? If you don’t, do you have the extra money to pay someone to take care of it?


Never get into a house if you really aren’t ready. Look at the pros and the cons, and all of the expenses that come with buying a home, and then you can buy. Don’t worry; you will find some great properties on the Western Slope if you buy tomorrow or if you have to wait another year.