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How Long Should You Live in a House that You Buy?

During the real estate boom of the early 2000’s, there was any number of self-help gurus out there pitching the idea of flipping homes for money. This, perhaps, is responsible for the fact that many people genuinely wonder how long they’re supposed to stay in a house that they just bought. This is particularly true for first-time homebuyers. Many of that crowd are going to be looking to upgrade shortly after they buy their home.


According to many experts, it’s best to consider staying in the home for five years after you purchase it. This gives you a chance to get past the first few years of your mortgage, when you are generally going to be paying a lot more in interest than anything else. At the five-year mark, you should be to the point where you are actually getting the advantages of owning a home financially speaking.


You will also have had enough time to get the money together to deal with another real estate transaction. It’s important to remember that, when you upgrade in homes, you’ll be going through the same process you did when you bought your first home. That means inspections, closing costs and other expenses that you will have to pay in order to sell your home and purchase another.


One of the best ways to figure out whether or not selling would be advantageous to you is to talk to a real estate agent in Grand Junction who has experience working as a seller’s agent. They can take a look at the market, your position in the home, what’s available to you in your price range and so forth and help you determine whether it might be a good idea for you to move or whether you may want to hang onto your home for a couple more years to get more of the benefits of ownership.

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Are You Ready for a House?

If you’ve been renting for years, you are probably sick and tired of seeing your rent money going toward nothing substantial. You no longer want to see your money swirl down the drain, so you are thinking about buying your own home somewhere on the Western Slope. However, some people simply aren’t quite ready to get a new home right now. You do not want to try to buy a home only to find out that you simply can’t afford it. Let’s look at some signs to see if you are on the cusp of getting into a property you can call your own.


First, it’s all about the finances. You have to be ready to buy a home financially, and that means more than just having a down payment. It is important to have a good job that’s reliable and that pays enough to cover the mortgage and all of your other expenses. Keep in mind that owning a home means you will need to have extra money for taking care of emergencies. If there is a plumbing problem, for example, you have to be the one to take care of it rather than simply calling management or the landlord.


Second, a home takes more upkeep than an apartment. You have to make sure that you keep the lawn under control. You need to paint the house every few years as well. Do you have the time to take care of these things? If you don’t, do you have the extra money to pay someone to take care of it?


Never get into a house if you really aren’t ready. Look at the pros and the cons, and all of the expenses that come with buying a home, and then you can buy. Don’t worry; you will find some great properties on the Western Slope if you buy tomorrow or if you have to wait another year.



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Do You Really Need a Realtor?

There are times that working with a realtor makes perfect sense. For instance, if you’re selling your current home and buying a new one, working with a realtor is a “no-brainer”. However, what if you’re looking to buy without selling a home? Do you really need to work with a realtor? The answer is yes, but you should understand why that’s the case.

Dealing with the Seller’s Agent

You can bet that the person selling the home has an agent of their own. This is the person you’ll be dealing with during the purchase of the property. If you don’t have your own realtor, you’ll be representing yourself here. Never forget that the seller’s agent is working to get the best deal possible for the seller – they’re not interested in helping you out. In fact, it would be against their code of ethics, and would violate their agreement with the seller.

Vital Help

You’ll find that in addition to representing you in negotiations for the property, a realtor can offer many other types of help. For instance, he or she can provide comparable sales from the tax rolls, or data from the MLS. They can give you copies of the home’s historical documents, and run reports on sales-price ratios. They can suggest pricing strategies, help you review documents for loopholes, and more. Most importantly, they form a buffer between the seller and the seller’s agent, and you.


If you’re going it alone, there’s no guarantee that the seller or builder’s appraisal is even close to the mark. Working with your own real estate agent ensures that you know exactly what the appraisal is and how that will affect resale of the home years down the road.

Working with a realtor when buying a home is essential, but make sure you choose the right one.



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Nightlife in Grand Junction

If you thought Grand Junction, CO closed when the sun went down, you were wrong. They have some great forms of nightlife that you can enjoy, including two of the most popular spots in the area that you’ll see listed right here.

Charlie Dwellingtons

Here’s a great local pub that has personality and flavor written all over it. They have a variety of events, including happy hour seven days a week from 4PM to 7PM. It’s located right in the downtown area, and it offers a large patio, as well as pool, dart tournaments and leagues, dancing, a DJ on Thursdays, and a digital jukebox that has all sorts of music. It’s a fun place to be, and is easily one of the best night spots in the city. They also happen to have some great pub food in case you are a bit hungry.

The Quincy Bar

If you enjoy the thought of Karaoke, then this could be a great place to visit on Mondays and Wednesdays, when they offer it from 10 to close. They also offer live music on Fridays and Saturdays. They don’t charge a cover fee, and they have happy hour from 5PM to 7PM each day, and additionally from 10PM to Midnight on Sunday through Thursday. During that time, you can get $1.25 beers and $2.75 wells.

Of course, you don’t have to go into one of the lounges or bars to have a great time. You could head out to see a movie, or you could just have a few friends over to hang out in the backyard for a barbecue. You might even want to take a drive a short ways out of town to see just how clear and beautiful the night sky looks. Find your own version of what constitutes great nightlife and enjoy!


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Finding a Realtor to Help You in a Seller’s Market

Colorado is no stranger to seller’s markets. In real estate lingo, this refers to a market where the seller has an advantage that is really a condition of the market itself. It generally happens when a lot of people want to buy properties, there aren’t enough properties available in the inventory to satisfy that demand and, therefore, prices start to go up.


If you’re considering moving to Grand Junction or anywhere on the Western Slope, you might find yourself in a situation where you are one of many parties bidding on the same property. In these situations, it’s vital to have a realtor who understands the art of negotiation and how to make – and when not to make – a deal on a house.


What to Watch For


A good realtor is most interested in getting you into the home you want at a fair price. Not all realtors meet these criteria. Some of them are prone to getting caught up in bidding wars and may actually end up giving their clients less than the best advice.


A good realtor will work with you to determine how far you want to get involved in a bidding war over a property. How you determine the price you are willing to pay is completely up to you. The realtor will give you all the information you need about the market, the value of the house, if it is likely to be more or less valuable in the near future and so forth. They can give you market analyses that can give you great information to work off of.


When you’re working with a realtor in a seller’s market, make sure they are the type of realtor who will let you know when you actually might be able to get more for your money than you would get out of the house that you’re involved in a bidding war over.

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Benefits of Buying a Pre-Existing Home

When you are trying to find a place to buy in Grand Junction, you might be wondering whether you should buy preexisting resale homes or whether you should buy land and build your own home. Both have their merits, but for many people buying a resale home is simply the easier option. In fact, buying a preexisting home has a number of benefits.

First, you will have a number of choices, since there is a great availability of resale homes. Additionally, if you are looking to move soon, it’s far faster to get into one of these properties than it is to build from the ground up.

Second, when you are buying a preexisting property, you have more room for negotiation. Sellers want to sell, so they may be willing to take slightly less for the property. When you are working with contractors, you really do not have as much room for negotiation.

Third, you can look up records of the house, and you will be aware of any issues when you buy the property.

Of course, even though resale homes have a number of benefits, you do have to realize that they have some drawbacks as well. Because they are older, they will generally require more maintenance. They are not always quite as energy efficient either, although this depends on the previous owners and the upgrades made to the home.

No matter what you decide to buy, always make sure you have your home in Grand Junction inspected by a professional before you make an offer. Get the facts about the home and then decide whether it will actually be worth it for you to buy or not. Talk with realtors in the area about your different options with the houses on the market and see if you can find a resale home that has all the features you want.


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Is Grand Junction the Right City for You?

You love the idea of living on Colorado’s Western Slope, but you have no idea of where you should live. A number of great towns and cities are clamoring for your attention, but one might be garnering a bit more of your attention. Grand Junction is easily one of the most popular towns in the area. It is in the heart of wine country, and offers residents an ideal location from which they can branch out and explore so much that the state has to offer. Let’s look at some of the things that make the city a great place to move.


The splendor of Grand Junction is undeniable. The forests, lakes, and mountains in the area are unparalleled when it comes to sheer stunning beauty. The proximity to the wilderness areas is great for residents who love the outdoors and who enjoy activities such as fishing, hiking, hunting, and mountain biking.


The actual city is just as interesting and has just as much to offer. It manages to hold onto a small town atmosphere, even though it is home to nearly 60,000 people. You can find places to shop and dine when you have the time. You will find places to work, parks, and more that help to make it the ideal place to live.


The crime rate is low, the schools are good, and the neighbors are friendly and welcoming. While Grand Junction might not be the right fit for everyone, it certainly is a great place for most to consider. Take the time to look at some of the available properties in the area, and then talk with a real estate agent about seeing some of those homes in person. Once you visit the city and see what it offers, chances are you will never want to leave.



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What Type of Investor are You?

Since the past few months with all of the volatility in the financial business markets, it’s a better time for people to get back to the basics to determine what kind of investors they are. In actual sense the investors falls under three categories that includes, the long term investors, the traders & the speculators.

Most Often, our popular social media and news networks are centered to short-term focus therefore they convey the idea of the trader or speculator to the people everywhere. This calls for confusion among the Long-term investors. Today let me discuss each of the three kinds of investors, along with the different ways which they adopt to interpret in market volatility.

Long-term investor:

This type of investor stays in the stock market for a long period. They know that the financial status and markets will experience ups and downs over a long haul. They believe that each up market would reach a higher level than the previous one, and it will motivate the investors to invest in the market.

Most Often, Long-term investors have diverse portfolios of stocks, cash, bonds, real estate and few other assets. It helps them to gain smoother rates of return and it also leads them to avoid the need to move in and out of the market at every anti- headline.

The Traders:

The Second category of investors is comprises of traders. Generally, there are two kinds of traders in the Volatility market. Some are those that trade on other’s behalf. Such traders including the Wall Street trading desks that execute trade on behalf of others. The time period for such traders can be in minutes, hours or even days.

Other type of trader executes trading for his personal account. The holding time period for such traders is likely to be more than Wall Street traders, but still quite shorter than the long-term investors.


The third type of investors is made up of speculators. This category of investors will be less likely to diversify and more to concentrate in individual sectors or securities. They might also concentrate their capital in speculative type securities. Finally, they might also tend to take positions with borrowed finances.

Investors should clearly clarify to their advisors that what they are exactly attempting to do. They must define themselves to their advisors that they act as a long term investor, trader or speculator.

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How to Prep Your Home for Sale

You can’t just throw your house on the market and expect it to sell. There are several things you’ll need to do in order to prepare the property for the market, whether you intend to stay in the home while it sells or you’re about to move out and into a new house.

Curb Appeal

You need to look beyond the inside of your home. If it’s not appealing from the curb, there’s little incentive to see what the rest of the house looks like. Is your paint faded? Is your walkway cracked and broken? Is your fence falling apart? Make your home more appealing from the street first.

Your Front Door

While your landscape and the home’s exterior will make the first impression on your potential buyers, your front door also says a lot about the property. If you can’t afford to replace an aging front door with something nicer, consider repainting or staining the one you have.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Whether your home is occupied or empty, it’s important that it be clean when potential buyers come inside. Clean your windows, mop the floors, and remove those pesky stains from the kids. The cleaner your home is, the more appealing it will be.

Eliminate Eyesores

Sure, that vibrant peach and red bedroom is lovely, but chances are good that your buyers aren’t going to be too thrilled with it. Consider repainting any eyesores in the house, even if they’re things you personally love about the place.


Consider depersonalizing as much of your home as possible. Take down personal photos. Pack up your grandmother’s quilt. Eliminating personal items helps your buyers envision themselves in your home.

Follow these simple tips to help make your home sell faster once it goes on the market.